Pepe Rojas

Tour Leader / Birding Expert
Pepe Rojas is a field ornithologist and one of leading birdwatching guides of Peru. He grew up watching and (more importantly) listening to West Peruvian Doves, Long-tailed Mockingbirds, and Rufous-collared Sparrows on the Pacific coast of his native Lima, Peru, where he later attended forestry school at the National Agricultural University of La Molina. In the early 1990’s while a forestry student in Lima, Pepe traveled to the Tambopata region of southeastern Peru as part of a team of researchers studying the reproductive behavior of macaws. During the almost ten years he spent as a resident bird guide in this region of upper Amazonia, he honed his knowledge of the local avifauna, helped train new guides, and assisted professional filmmakers and photographers form National Geographic, BBC among others on a wide variety of projects. (As a matter of fact, he plays a character in a BBC production named “Birdman of the Amazon” which is part of the series, Wild and Dangerous.) By the turn of the century, he was among the foremost naturalist-guides to what is generally regarded the most bird-rich region on Earth.
Pepe later left South America and traveled to the USA where he spent 15 years living in different parts of the country, including Santa Cruz, California, where he earned a degree from the University of California in Environmental Studies. During this time, he also worked as a professional freelance guide for many international companies, as both naturalist and birding guide, and had the great fortune to travel leading international birding tours throughout the Americas and the Caribbean, from the Alaskan tundra to the Pantanal, and nearly every birding hotspot in between. Missing his home country, and wanting to make a direct impact in Amazon conservation, Pepe returned to Peru in 2014. In addition to his work as a professional birding guide for Field Guides Inc, Pepe has been hired for several consultancies by various NGO’s, private tourism companies and international firms on topics of education, ecotourism development and conservation in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.
In addition to his work as a professional birding guide for Field Guides Inc, Pepe has been hired for several consultancies.

Pepe’s One of his most rewarding experiences in conservation to date was joining the Chicago Field Museum as a member of their logistics and ornithological team for expeditions in Peru that ultimately resulted in the creation of new protected areas.

Currently, Pepe lives in Northern Peru with his wife, Abby, their 4-year old daughter, Antonia and Samba, their Golden Retriever.

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