Cleidy Delgado

Director of Marketing, Communication and Design
Cleidy is an explorer of visual arts, committed and focused on the development of art and culture projects, discovered the clown as a great means of communication and its power to transform people through art. Such philosophy is present in her job as a marketing planner and graphic designer. She was born in Peru and since very young discovered her great taste for the arts through paint, theater and dance. With Business Management title in The University of Lima and specialization in Marketing and Communications, Cleidy began her work at Citibank of Peru and participated for four years at Marketing Retail Banking development; In parallel, her great sensitivity and passion for the arts and culture has led her to explore visual and performing arts as well like for example graphic design, photography, drawing, painting, and clown.
When she began to study graphic design at The Toulouse Lautrec Institute, perfected her exquisite taste for aesthetics and the development of conceptual images. Her innate taste for high-impact images, made photography a radical vision of her art; she began photographing characters from everyday life and while portraying these idyllic characters, she found it necessary to communicate about the power of Peruvian woman and therefore made a photo exhibit called “Power Women”. In 2011 she decided to start exploring the clown´s world at Bolaroja Clown School, giving way to her volunteer work as Clown of Hospital, until today.
Her innate taste for high-impact images, made photography a radical vision of her art; she began photographing characters from everyday life.

In 2012, she began her management as a Designer and Communications Coordinator in Belen Project; project of Community clown orientated social development of the Belen community (Iquitos – Jungle of Peru) where more than 130 clowns from all over the world, integraded by Bolaroja clowns (association directed by Wendy Ramos) and clowns Gesundheit! Institute (organization directed by Patch Adams) go to work through art with families in the community.

In the 2014, she was jury of the national contest of the new image of the Belgian Embassy for its 50 years in Peru.

Apart from working with Mondo Verde Expeditions, Cleidy is a member of the Slow Food Movement in Peru. She offers her services as Marketing Planner, Communicator and Graphic Designer to different NGOs and private organizations like the Humboldt Project (UNESCO), Belgian Embassy, Slow Food among others which are focused in cultural, artistic, ecologic and gastronomic development.

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