The Chavez Family in Tanzania

Mondo Verde

It is impossible; I could actually consider it unfair to Tanzania to try and convey in words or images what our family experience was like during our safari in this diverse and majestic country. I am going to give it a shot anyway. Tarangire National Park with its massive, mystical Baobab trees and regal elephants. Serengeti and its immense quantity and diversity of wildlife. Ngorongoro with that oh inspiring and magical scenery..

The location and the people at each lodge. Finding lions minutes before reaching the camp. Listening to the hyenas call in the evening. Waking up in the middle of the night and hear the snort of a buffalo next to our tents as he is feeding. Watching a cheetah stalking it’s prey in the light of dawn.


To find yourself in the midst of this extraordinary variety and quantity of wildlife in their natural environment, interacting according to the laws of nature is something that invites you to stop and reflect on the wonderful planet on which we live.

To make this trip with my family was a privilege and a gift of immense value. To have had a professional team at our side making sure that everything works, making us feel at home in order for us to focus on the experience, made all the difference.


Thanks to the people of Tanzania and Mario at Mondo Verde Expeditions for everything!



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