Namibia is like no other country. This fascinating
place of Desert, Dune, Mountains and Sea is wondrous
to behold as you follow desert Elephants through
ravines on their endless quest to find hidden water
or search for Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Etosha National park located in northwestern Namibia offers visitors with optimal opportunities for wildlife observation.
The Park’s ecosystem is made up of sovanna woodlands, grasslands and saline deserts or saltpans. Despite the arid and seeminglyunforgiving landscape, wildlife survives in large numbers.

This is an amazing destination toobserve wildlife such as elephants,theendangered back rhino, lions, leopards, zebra, springbok and oryx.

Damaraland & bushmen rock carvings highlights:

The excitement of funding elephants that have adapted to theharshenvironment of Damaraland is one of the highlights during a visit tothis region of Namibia. This arid but fascinating landscape offers visitors the chance to encounter black rhino,giraffe, ostrich and springbok. You will also have the opportunity to explore the best known rock art areas in Damaraland, Twyfelfontein and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Namibia.

The excitement of finding elephants that have adapted to the harsh environment of Damaraland is one of the highlights.

These sites consists of well preserved rock art done by the local bushmen, some perhaps as old 6.000 years. These carving are considered some of the best rock art in all of Africa.

Sossusvlei Hightlights:

There are no images or videos that can prepare you for what you will experience upon arrival at the desert dunes of Sassusvlei. The magnificent landscape of giant desert dunes dotted with patches of scrub vegetation provides visitors with an unforgettable experience in one of the driest places on earth. The light and colors of this stunning landscape will for sure leave a lasting impression.

Namib-Naukuft National ParkHighlights:

One of Namibia’s least visited parks and one of its best-kept secrets, the park affords travelers a chance to explore sites rarely visited by outsiders. The Namib-Naukluft Park encompassing part of the Namib Desert and the Naukluft mountain range. With and overall area of 49,768 km2, the Namib-Naukluft is the largest game park in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. With the assistance of an expert guide, you venture into the areas not often seen by visitors.

Skeleton coast national park highlights:

Located in northwest Namibia, Skeleton Coast National Park has the most inaccessible shores and has some of the most surreal landscapes in all of Namibia. Remains of shipwrecked vessels dot the shore and are a testament to the challenges of navigating this area due to the rough seas, strong winds and the unpredictable currents. Established in 1971, the park has 6,504 square miles and is divided into a northren and southren section.

Skeleton Coast National Park has the most inaccessible shores and has some of the most surreal landscapes in all of Namibia.

The southern section is open to 4-wheel drive vehicles and access to the north is allowed as far as the Ugab River Gate. At the gate there is a sign with skull and crossbones warning travelers not to go no further. The northern section can only be reached by plane, and the area is off-limits to all vehicles.