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Women Artisans of Morocco

MARRAKESH EXPRESS & JOAN NOBLE/MONDO VERDE EXPEDITIONS present:   WOMEN ARTISANS OF MOROCCO with author anthropologist Dr. Susan Schaefer Davis as Study Leader The trip is based on meeting a selection of artisans in her book of the same name.   OCTOBER 9-22, 2020 8-10 travelers $6,285 pp in double 11-16 travelers $5,975 single supplement [...]

Fred’s Photo Journey to Patagonia.

Phenomenal trip !!!!!     "We’ve returned home and wanted to thank you for a phenomenal trip. All in all, everything ran very smoothly. (Regrettably,) not being Spanish speakers, having transportation prearranged at each stop REALLY helped. Lastly, I’m just starting to go through the nearly 2000 images that I came back with. I did [...]

Tanzania. The Most Magical Place.

Taking a trip to Tanzania has been on my bucket list since I was a kid. What I didn’t realize was exactly how amazing it would be. Without a doubt, it’s the most magical place I’ve been. I went fully expecting to enjoy watching the animals and enjoy the scenery, but that was a small [...]

The Chavez Family in Tanzania

It is impossible; I could actually consider it unfair to Tanzania to try and convey in words or images what our family experience was like during our safari in this diverse and majestic country. I am going to give it a shot anyway. Tarangire National Park with its massive, mystical Baobab trees and regal elephants. [...]

Magnificent trip to Peru

Mario, Today is our last day in Peru, and it has been a magnificent trip. We can not thank you enough for the way you have staged our various venues, the wonderful accommodations, (every upgrade or this new room being more wow than the last, we would say to each other, “well, Mario has done [...]

Long-whiskered Owlet by Bob Gress

Long-whiskered Owlet by Bob Gress Long-whiskered Owlet Xenoglaux loweryi The Long-whiskered Owlet is one of South America’s most elusive birds. It is strange, tiny, nocturnal, shy and endangered; sounds like the perfect bird to search for! In 1976, ornithologists from Louisiana State University were surveying birds in a remote cloud-forest area in the Andes Mountains [...]

The India Trip of our Dreams

This is the third trip that we have taken that was arranged by Mario at Mondo Verde – Peru and Tanzania being the first two – and all three have been perfection. India was stunning, like we imagined it would be – and yet so down to earth as well. As we traveled all over [...]

Selective Focus Photography

If you are looking for a spectacular trip to Peru it would be hard to beat a trip to the south in that country starting with Arequipa and a some amazing tours in and near that city followed by a drive thru the high country of the Andes and over a 16,000 foot tall pass (Colorado [...]