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Into the Heart of the Peruvian Atacama and Andean Traverse

Exploration of the Southern Coast of Peru and Andean Traverse through Pampa Galeras – Barbara D'Achille National Reserve. When someone mentions that they are going to the Atacama Desert most people assume that they are traveling to Chile. This is actually correct but, the southern region of costal Peru is also home to the Atacama [...]

Endemic Birds of Brazil’s Atlantic Rain Forest

Endemic Birds of Brazil’s Atlantic Rain Forest   Mondo Verde Expeditions July 10-23, 2020.   If you’re interested in a fantastic adventure searching for endemic birds in Brazils Atlantic Rain Forest Region, consider joining us on this Mondo Verde Expedition. This tour offers colorful birds, endemic rarities and breathtaking landscapes in a major biodiversity hotspot. [...]

Birding Brazil’s Pantanal

The Pantanal, Brazil. Photos by Bob Gress, Tour Leader.   Mondo Verde Expeditions September 8-25, 2019.   Mary Burmester, Patty Marlett, Jim Marlett, Bradley Davis our birding guide, Kevin Groeneweg, Bob Gress, Neil Burmester, Karen Nonhof, Art Nonhof, and Sebastião our driver   The Pantanal's main wildlife attractions are jaguars and birds. My last PhotoBlast [...]

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